Hi! I’m Matthew Reynolds, a web developer & graphic designer based in sunny Orlando.

I am passionate about creating user experiences that are clean, consistent, and delightful. With six years’ professional experience, I have put my skills to use for entertainment companies, nonprofits, and political campaigns. I strive to build web-based interfaces that feel effortless to the people who use them.

Currently I am a UI/UX developer at SeaWorld Parks & Entertainment.

See what I can do

Design for web user interfaces

I’ve worked on web UI design all the way from wireframe to PSD to code, and I’ve worked with other designers to make their visualizations a reality

I have a good eye for design, layout, and typography, and I’m obsessed with making things pixel-perfect

My design experience ranges from web interfaces, mobile apps, and social media graphics to booklets and more, and I’m proficient with the Adobe Creative Suite

Frontend code written by hand

I’ve got a knack for translating design into code that uniquely positions me to work very well with both designers and developers

I’m accomplished coding standards-compliant HTML5, writing responsive CSS3 that utilizes media queries and animations, and using preprocessors like Sass and Less

I’m proficient writing vanilla JavaScript and also using libraries and frameworks when the project calls for it

Scripting and backend admin

I write most of my server-side code in PHP, accompanied by experience with MySQL (also Postgres), RESTful APIs, and tools like Composer

Adept with LAMP/LEMP stack server environments and the command line, configuring firewalls, and deploying strong security headers like HSTS

Experience with Node.js and npm

Familiar with CMS backends, especially Sitecore and WordPress

Some of my work

Here are a few samples of my work. Click on an image to view the project. (More samples available upon request.)

GCNconf app Cuccinelli site Narnia site Cuccinelli logo GCNconf booklet GCNconf press Cuccinelli banner Cuccinelli on stage GCNconf staff using in-house apps