Nice to meet you!

Matthew pictured with Donald Duck

I’m Matthew, and I like solving problems with code. My whole life, I’ve loved to figure out what makes something tick and then try my hand at it. I’m currently employed as UX/UI Developer at SeaWorld Parks & Entertainment in Orlando, Florida.

As a self-taught web developer and graphic designer with six years’ professional experience, I have developed a wide variety of websites and applications, including ticketing systems, mobile apps, and other tools used by thousands of event guests and staff—and I know what it takes to make them feel effortless to the people who use them.

I believe that great web interfaces should be personal and intuitive. When I overhauled a nonprofit’s online donation forms, making them more user-friendly and frictionless, the organization immediately saw a 120% increase in online donations over each of the previous three years.

And with experience in both development and design, I am uniquely positioned to work well with IT professionals and design teams alike to translate visualizations into code.

For more, please see my résumé.