Featured project GCN Conference

The GCN Conference is an annual gathering of 1,500+ LGBTQ people of faith for four days of keynotes, breakouts, and group activities. In the four years I worked this event, we saw attendance nearly triple, thanks in no small part to a brand-new website.

I developed a custom registration system and public-facing ticketing website; designed guest-facing mobile apps with schedule information; built internal apps for ticketing, guest management, and badge scanning; and provided on-site support for the in-house suite to a team of 250 volunteers.

Conference app (2017 iteration pictured)
Conference website (2015 iteration pictured)
Check-in app (2014 iteration pictured; later versions simplified the process by using barcode scanning)
Conference “badge booklet” nametag/program hybrid (2016)
These TVs were displayed throughout. I wrote the web-based software they ran on, which pulled data from the same backend as the mobile app (2014)
Registration desk (2016)
Venue map (2017 badge booklet excerpt)